Thursday, September 30, 2021

7 Skincare Products for Youthful Skin

Youthfulness is something that every female desires to have. There are tons of cosmetic choices one can opt, for getting brightening results. In case, you notice fine lines or wrinkles, it is the right time that you opt for firming products that promise to act on skin and provide better looks. While looking for products that could help lift your sagging skin, it is really important to pick products with the right ingredients that suit your skin type.

skin products for youthful skin

Here is a list of 7 time-tested skincare products that are known to work:

1. Peptides 

The supplement of Peptides must be included in your skincare routine because these are essential amino acids that can ensure the requirement of proteins in the skin. This helps reduce the processes of aging.

2. Vitamin K 

Vitamin K must also be added to your skin care because it helps blood circulation to reduce the seasoning of skin and wrinkles. 

3. Hyaluronic acid 

This is an essential skincare ingredient that can ensure a smooth and hydrating effect on the skin. This can be taken as a serum or a moisturizer

4. Niacinamide 

Include Vitamin B3 to enjoy skin brightening results. It has moisturizing properties to reduce pigmentation and discoloration.

5. Ceramides 

With age, ceramides levels start reducing, and in such cases sealing the skin moisture by ceramide-based moisturizer become essential. 

6. Retinoids 

After the age of 30, the regeneration of skin slows down, and thus applying retinol in layers of the skin becomes essential. The sandwich method is also suitable to reduce these signs. 

7. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C or the L-ascorbic acid is an essential component to be added to your skincare routine. It protects aging skin and maintains healthy skin.

skin products for youthful skin

Expert dermatologists at Dr. Priya’s Skin & Hair Clinic suggest, including these essential skincare products for better skin results. So the next time you pick up a cosmetic, make sure to go through the list of ingredients and give your skin the best possible care.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Hair Treatments

All you need is confidence and nothing else to look beautiful. Having a certain hair type is not your choice but you can always mould it in any style you want. Hair treatment is probably all you need to bring a change in the texture of your tresses and also get rid of hair fall, dryness, etc. Here is the brief of a few hair treatments.


What is Keratin hair treatment? Why do you need it?

It would be quite weird to disagree with the beauty of curls. However, it is never a wrong choice to look for something new like straighten hair. Keratin rolled with other chemicals like formaldehyde is thoroughly applied to your hair and its roots. After wash, a flat iron is used to straighten the hair which also lets your hair absorb the chemicals. If you want smooth and frizz-free hair, this is the right choice. It is quite affordable and lasts for a couple of months or a year. 

When not to go for Keratin treatment? 

In pregnancies, it is a big no. Also, formaldehyde content can be carcinogen. So, make your choice wisely. 

What is Cysteine hair treatment? Why do you need it?

In competition with keratin, the cysteine treatment is also very popular. In this process, cysteine, which is an amino acid, is used to smoothen and straighten your tresses. Although this is costlier than keratin, it does not use added chemicals like formaldehyde. So, if you’re looking for a less-chemical option, this one can be your ideal choice. It lasts for around 4-6 months. 

When not to go for Cysteine treatment? 

Smoothening lasts for less than 6 months and is also not inexpensive. Also, you need to use recommended shampoo in order to maintain the treatment. 

What is hair Botox? Why do you need it?

Hair Botox is an option for those men and women who are completely against chemical uses on their hair. The sole purpose of this treatment is to provide your hair with the moisture they are looking for and cut out frizz and other hair damages. Ceramides is the element used in this deep-conditioning treatment. It lasts for approximately 4 months. 

When not to go for Botox treatment? 

If you choose botox, you must not do it for more than 3 times/year or it may severely affect hair texture and strength. So, it is better to know your threshold and make a wise decision before you say oops! 


Why We? 

Here at Dr Priya's Skin and Hair Clinic, a leading cosmetic centre in Bangalore, we offer the right professional for your chosen treatment. All our team members are highly skilled and trained to understand your issue and provide you with the best possible solutions.

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Laser Hair Removal - Why Should I invest in Laser Hair Removal?

Most of us enjoy the feel of smooth, soft and supple skin, though sadly for many this silky feeling is short lived, especially when the skin is soon covered in small speckles of hair and the stubble starts oozing out. If you too have wanted to get rid of all this hair, may be laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you.


Here are the top reasons why investing in Laser Hair Removal is a Great Option:

 1. Bye-Bye Discomfort

There is absolutely no denying that laser hair removal is far less painful than the traditional hair removal methods. The agonizing plucking and ripping are ways that can be bid adieu to. During laser hair removal, the hair follicles are taken off with minute pain.

 2. Versatility

Many of us want to get hair removed from different parts of the body. Other hair removal techniques may not be as effective as laser hair removal. Removing hair from face, underarms and the bikini area has become common through laser.

3. Long-Term Results

If your skin type is well-suited, one session of laser hair removal will last you even up to 6 months.

4. Softer Skin

It has been observed that laser hair removal helps in reducing the thickness of the hair follicles. This further leads to smoother and softer skin.

 5. Save Time

Contrary to popular belief, a laser hair removal session can be as short as 20 minutes. You would also be saving up so much time on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis, whether it is in the shower or at the salon.

Removing body hair is a tedious process that seems to be endless. Depilatory creams, waxing etc. may stretch the timeframe a little bit, but you would soon find yourself at the beauty salon to get them removed.


How nice would it be to finally win this battle with the hair you have on your face, arms, legs and everywhere you wish. Book an appointment at Dr. Priya’s Skin and Hair Clinic today and see how easy and simple the solution is.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

How to Create Skin Care Routine on a Budget

When you think of starting a routine to take care of your skin, many questions come to your mind about beauty products, their cost, their effect etc. You need to keep in mind that it is not the high-price of a beauty product that makes it beneficial but the efficiency. By following a healthy regime of Cleansing-Moisturizing-Treating, you take care of your skin on a budget and keeping your skin healthy. By limiting the number of beauty products you use, you can keep your budget under control as using several products can increase the cost.



It is the most basic step of a good skincare routine. You must clean up your skin before applying any product and even before going to bed at night. A gentle cleanser will help you to get rid of clogged pores. The trick here is to avoid cleansing too much or too often.


To get the most, you must apply your moisturizer to damp skin. Moisturizer makes you look brighter and younger by trapping water in the skin. It helps to strengthen your natural skin barriers. Remember to reapply it every two hours or immediately after sweating and swimming.

3.Protection against the Sun

It is an important part of taking care of your skin. Sunscreen helps you to prevent age spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. You should apply sunscreen to all the exposed parts of your body, even when you are home.

4.Dual Function Products

To keep your skin care budget under control it is necessary to use products which serve dual purpose, like moisturizer with sunscreen. Another example is Petroleum Jelly, this is an inexpensive and handy product that serves several purposes such as chapped lips, cracked heels, rough knees.


Another way to simplify the skincare routine and save smartly is to be in touch with a dermatologist. Choosing someone like Dr Priya J Talageri can not only help you understand what your skin requires, but also save you from spending unnecessarily. As everyone’s skin is different, her guidance will help you deal with your skin type and age.

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Can One Go For Peel and Laser Together?

Looking in the mirror, most of us wish to reclaim back our skin’s youthful glow. The ever advancing cosmetic dermatology has made it possible to recapture your younger appearance. Skin therapy combining laser treatment and chemical peel has shown success to obtain a smoother, tighter and wrinkle-free face with an even skin tone.  A full facial rejuvenation can be achieved by combining these procedures. The combination of chemical peels with laser resurfacing is safe and effective for all skin types with long-term benefits.

How does this combination work?

Skin resurfacing with laser pulses energy into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen production. This helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Collagen helps to remodel the skin to improve its texture, firmness, and reduces pigmentation. The chemical peel contains ingredients that further stimulate collagen build up, helps in deep exfoliation and provides antioxidants that help to brighten up the skin.

When the chemical peel is applied after laser therapy, the ingredients of the peel penetrate deeper into skin through the controlled injury sites created by the laser. Due to this, the benefits are more enhanced with visible improvement in skin tone and texture.

Summarizing the Advantages of Combination Therapy

  •     Get multiple skin benefits by utilizing the unique benefits of each treatment together
  •     Time saving
  •     Revitalized appearance in no time
  •     Reduced number of hospital visits
  •     Reduced recovery time
  •     Long lasting results
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Monday, November 23, 2020

Scalp psoriasis vs Seborrheic dermatitis

Is itchy and flaky scalp bothering you? Before you jump into the conclusion that it's dandruff, it is important to know the exact cause of your scalp skin to flake off. Scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) share some similar signs and thus, treating your scalp with unsuitable remedies may worsen the condition. Here are some of the key differences between these conditions:

Seborrheic dermatitis may last for a while and may come back while scalp psoriasis is a chronic condition which may stay for a longer time.

Seborrheic dermatitis appears white and flaky while in scalp psoriasis, along with flaky scalp, there can be thick red and inflamed skin patches. The skin becomes very dry, cracked and sometimes bleeds.

Seborrheic dermatitis does not spread to areas other than the scalp. It may sometimes cause forehead acne and back acne. Psoriasis, on the other hand, can spread to other parts like the forehead, back of your neck & skin around the ears.

Seborrheic dermatitis can be caused due to multiple factors like fungus, hair care products, hormonal levels etc. but scalp psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder which triggers overproduction of skin cells on the scalp. The trigger factors can be stress, extreme temperatures and infectious illnesses.

Coming to the treatment aspect, seborrheic dermatitis is usually treated with medicated shampoos while scalp psoriasis is treated with topical creams, ointments, etc. which contain vitamins and steroids to control the inflammation. Phototherapy using UV light is also recommended in some cases.

The scalp itchiness and flaking can be due to either of the two conditions which we have discussed in detail. If over-the-counter treatments do not work, take an immediate appointment with our dermatologist so that the condition can be examined closely and appropriate medications can be given.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dark skin around neck-causes-symptoms-treatments

Dark skin around the neck, a.k.a. Acanthosis Nigricans (AN), is a skin condition where parts of the human body which fold and crease, become dark and velvety and eventually thicken. Though they can appear anywhere on the body, they are most common in the neck, armpits and groin. This is common among people who have diabetes and/or are obese. In children, this is a possible sign of type 2 diabetes in the future.


This skin condition is often associated with:
  1. Some types of drugs and supplements like birth control pills, steroids and high doses of niacin or vitamin B3.
  2. Hormonal disorders like ovarian cysts, adrenal gland problems or underactive thyroid gland.
  3. Resistance to insulin. Insulin, secreted by the pancreas, allows the body to process sugar, and resistance to insulin eventually leads to type 2 diabetes.
  4. Cancer. This condition also occurs when a cancerous tumour begins growing in an internal organ like the liver, colon or stomach. 
  5. Obesity and genetics are also important factors. 
  1. Moderate to severe itching in the affected areas.
  2. Skin colouration can change into either brown or black.
  3. It has a velvet-like feel and is thicker than the surrounding area.
  4. Sometimes there may be a bad odour, too.
Generally, a visual skin exam is all that may be necessary. But, sometimes a small skin sample may be taken for a lab test. If the causes of AN are still unclear, then blood tests, X-rays and other tests may be advised.


In most cases, simply treating the underlying causes can lead to the discolouration fading away. This could involve losing weight, stopping the drugs and supplements that are being used. If the AN is caused because of a cancer tumour, then surgery to remove the tumour may be necessary.

If the skin becomes uncomfortable and/or the appearance and odour is not acceptable, then the doctor may prescribe topical antibiotics; skin-softening cream; antibacterial soap.

As Acanthosis Nigricans usually takes months or years to form and appear, if it appears very suddenly, one should immediately consult with a specialist.

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